More than just a play space!

ArtVille is an engaging environment designed with the unique requirements of children birth to age 4. Young crawlers to curious toddlers will interact in a town built to cultivate exploration, imagination and creative expression. Imaginative play in the town encourages social-emotional and language development.

Visiting ArtVille with older children?

Older children may visit but only as helpers, as a consideration to our younger visitors.

Please note: Children may be asked to relocate to another area of the museum if they are playing rough or become disruptive to the safe play of others.

Help us keep our space tidy! We ask you to place any soiled materials in our red “Yuck Buckets” for cleaning. We appreciate your help!

Read our admission policy here.

ArtVille is a "Socks-Only" Space.

ALL visitors (adults and children) are required to wear socks while present to help maintain the cleanliness of the space. If you forget socks, we offer some for purchase in the i.d.e.a. Shop.

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access for all

ArtVille Library

Read and relax together in this comfortable play space.

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ArtVille Café

Children can order, prepare and serve healthy meals as they imagine operating a café.

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ArtVille Farm

The patio has been transformed into a play space with a barn and a few farm animals for imaginary play.

access for all

ArtVille RV

All aboard as we take a road trip using imagination!

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Performing Arts Center

Perform your own imaginative story on the performing arts center stage. Plus, play with mirrors!

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Tot Square

Infants and non-walkers can roll, climb and explore in this safe, soft-matted space.

access for all

Color Trail

Ride the Rody horses around our colorful path through ArtVille.

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Color Your World

Children can doodle freely with dry erase markers in this creative room. 

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Wee Design

Build and design using a variety of gears,  blocks and tangrams, which promotes both problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.  

access for all

Art's Studio

Enjoy a different creative, art-making experience each day and build fine motor skills.


Please note: Art’s Studio is closed for programming periodically.

Early Learning Programs

access for all

Artful Tales/Artful Tales Experience

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ArtVille Academy

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