The HUB is a gallery with a variety of interactive areas to trigger your imagination and let your creativity run loose. Create artwork, build, design and explore a collection of interactives with your family and friends in this fun, energetic activity space.


Zen Den

Listen for how the sounds move around the space  and how they change over time. Stay for as long as you want, and enjoy the time to let your mind and body rest.


Tech Table

Play a variety of interactive games and activities on a light-and-motion enhanced touch table.

Oodles of Doodles

Doodling is fun! Let your inner child loose or collabradoodle with your child.

Creativity Cove

Imagine and create! This space soon will feature student artworks from the Express Your Environmental Self Earth Day Creative Challenge.


Magnetic Wall

Take on a design challenge with balls and chutes! Activity sponsored by McCarthy. 


Animation Station

Stop-motion activity station where stories come alive and imagination comes to life.


Puppet Theater

Build language skills and get creative storytelling with the help of a few adorable puppets.

Black Light Room

Enjoy imaginative costume play in our jungle-themed exhibition space.

*The Black Light Room will be closed from Aug 21 – Sep 28 to install new features including black light artwork and activities.