da Vinci Society

The da Vinci Society is an exclusive group of dedicated supporters committed to investing in our community’s future. Members make generous multi-year giving commitments to the i.d.e.a. Museum to help launch and sustain art and STEAM-based educational programs and exhibitions that enrich the lives of children and families in Mesa and the surrounding Phoenix metropolitan area.

The da Vinci Society – named after Leonardo da Vinci, revered artist, scientist, engineer and inventor who was highly inquisitive and imaginative – makes a positive impact on our community and values innovation and imagination. As a member of this society, you support the same ingenuity and creativity da Vinci represents.

Support from the da Vinci Society is essential for providing opportunities for museum guests to discover art, nurture creative thinking and help families engage in quality time together. The engaging, interactive and educational programs provided by the museum help our children prepare for school and develop problem-solving skills essential for students to prepare for the world before them.

Join our da Vinci Society today!

When you join the i.d.e.a. Museum’s da Vinci Society you take the lead in inspiring others to invest in building a brighter future. You can feel good about the difference you are making by providing opportunities, cultivating imagination and sparking ingenuity. Learn how you can join, by contacting Lindsay Hochhalter, Development Manager at lindsay.hochhalter@mesaaz.gov or 480-644-5564