Following the story of a resilient little prickly pear seed learn about the entire seed lifecycle from germination to sprouting roots, leaves and flowers to edible fruit through unique tactile art and STEM activities.


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Interactive Experiences


Numerous interactive art-viewing and art-making experiences will allow guests to deepen their understanding of the seed lifecycle.

Experiences include: 

  • Interactive plant orchestra where families can create music using signals from plants in real-time
  • Taking a closer look at the magnified world of plant structures using a larger-than-life microscope
  • Exploring a variety of native plants using your different sensesExpanding your artistic talents at various art stations and a community-created mural

Featured Artists


“Engaging activities and incredible artwork showcase each plant lifecycle stage,” explained i.d.e.a. Museum Curator Mike Goodwin. “Guests will be inspired to play, create and interact with plants, deepening our understanding of and connection to Arizona Flora. Desert Roots features Arizona artists representing various art mediums, including neon and glass, wool and embroidery, paint and woodburning, ceramic and holograms.”


Desert Roots: The Story of a Seed will feature more than 24 local Arizona artists.

Artists Include:

  • Amanda Adkins
  • Alexandra Bowers
  • Jason Chakravarty and Jennifer Caldwell
  • Cindy Dach
  • Jake Early
  • Eric Elmore
  • Illuminate
  • Allie Giambalvo
  • Lisa Jacobs Handler
  • Tanya Hamilton
  • Shachi Kale
  • Ed Mell
  • Mary Meyer
  • Lola Panco
  • Kendra Sollars
  • Ien Urso
  • Weaver Younghans
  • Victoria Klotz
  • Kristen Wesley
  • Magda Gluszek
  • Jimmy Fike
  • Casey Olsen
  • Wendy Raisanen