When did you start working at the i.d.e.a. Museum and what is your role here?
I started working for the museum as an Accounting Specialist in October 2014.

Share some of your responsibilities in your role.
I manage the accounting books for the museum along with budget forecast, data analysis for participation and revenue, grant budget, as well as provide financial assistance in projects such as AGILE and Benevon.

What do you love most about working at the i.d.e.a. Museum and the work you do?
I was introduced to painting and music in my early life, and I did not realize its impact on me until I became a parent myself. I love the way the museum impacts its young audience and the benefits they will reap in future. My work as an accountant here is pretty much the same as any other place, except that it has a lot of art involved in it that makes it interesting.

What is your all-time favorite i.d.e.a. Museum exhibit?
My all-time favorite exhibit is Underwater FantaSea.

When you’re not at the museum, you are…
A mom of two wonderful kids who love the museum. I enjoy music and love to read fiction in the little time I have when I am not parenting. Our current family favorite is The British Baking Show.

What is your favorite piece or art or who is your favorite artist and why?
My favorite artist for the past one and half years has been my wonderful daughter, Alaina. She claims to be an artist, and my joy comes from the art that she drops around the house for me, whether it be reminding me of getting her the favorite toy or drawing a picture to make me feel better. I want to keep her spark going and motivate her. My favorite piece of art she made for me was the one where she is going down the slide and I am climbing the steps of the slide to follow her. She is also learning to paint on canvas and has done few amazing paintings.