How has the idea Museum directly impacted you and your family?
The Museum has allowed us to not only make new experience and memories with one another, but it has also opened up my children’s minds to more family discussions. For example, we made a UFO craft at the museum and after we left, the conversation of space and how it came to be was brought up.

How often do you find yourself coming to the museum with your family?
We have a membership, so luckily we are able to come a few times a month.

Where do you spend most of your time when you’re here? What activities do you enjoy the most?
We spend about equal time on both sides in ArtVille and the HUB. I have a toddler and infant, so they both like to play together in ArtVille in the cafe, train and performing arts stage, then we go to the HUB and Whiteman Family Exhibition Gallery where we spend our time learning together.

In your opinion, how does the museum:

  • Nurture creative thinking? Because of all the different activities that are offered, my children get to use their imagination and be creative making up different scenarios, such as being a veterinarian. My kids love playing with the musical instruments outside or designing and building, whether it’s a UFO or using the blocks to make a castle.
  • Support early learning? The i.d.e.a. Museum is a place for exploration. There are various activities that help my children develop new skills; for instance, the light wall with the colored sticks allowed my baby to figure out how one object works and fits into another.
  • Engage families in spending quality time together? It provides a place for my children to play safely, so I don’t have to worry and can enjoy my time playing, teaching, and learning with them. I really love the i.d.e.a. Museum and all it offers.