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Robot with anxiety

Robots Have Anxiety Too – Joel Ganucheau

Exhibition Overview

Explore the world of robotics through art and hands-on activities at the i.d.e.a. Museum! Robo Art features a variety of artworks from around the globe that explore the relationship of art and science and the importance of imagination in designing automated machines.

The exhibition’s art-making activities and interactives focus on nurturing creative thinking and exploring design, engineering and technology of robotics.

This exhibition is scheduled for Thursday, July 1, 2021 – Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022.

Planned activities for children of all ages include:

  • Robot Zoo
  • Be the Bot
  • Racing Robots
  • The Robot Code
  • My Dream Robot
  • Build-a-Bot
  • Coding board game


Educational & Arts Programs

Hands-on activities in the exhibition are created with science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) concepts in mind. Also, classes, workshops, camps and guided tour experiences for school groups will be thematically aligned with the exhibition content.

Exhibition content, expressed through interactives, art-making activities and didactic material that will cover topics including types and uses of robots,  circuitry and coding, form and function, and famous robots. These topics will integrate science, engineering, history, and technology.

Exhibition activities are aligned with Arizona K-12 Academic Standards for education.

Exhibition Artists

The exhibition features more than 60 artworks by 30 artists from around the United States, including Arizona. International artists are from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Philippines, and Switzerland. The following will be on display: paintings, mixed-media, sculpture, fiber, digital photographs and video.

 Arizona artists: Doug Brannan (Globe), Denise Currier (Mesa), Adam Homan (Tucson), Deborah McMillion-Nering (Phoenix), Jordan-Alexander Thomas (Phoenix), and Aaron Voigt (Mesa).

National artists: Dyanna Dimick and Alan Rath (California); Robert S. Moore (Florida); Brian Donnelly, Jarlan Perez, Tony Rubino, Bob Scott, and Leslie Tucker (New York); Gigi Conot (Oregon); Barrington Ratliff (Pennsylvania); Mike Winkelmann (South Carolina); Joel Ganucheau and Phillip Glickman (Texas):

 International artists: Ezequiel Grand (Argentina); Rod Long (Australia); Maxine Chaisson (Canada); Lenny Kuhne (Germany); Lyman Gerona (Philippines); Zach Day (Scotland); and Neil Maccormack (Switzerland).

 Public and Corporate Collections: Maximalfocus (Germany); Possessed Photography (Japan); Rock ‘n Roll Monkey (Switzerland); and Science in HD (Washington, DC).

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