Happy Astronomy Day!

Astronomy Day is celebrated twice a year in the spring and fall. In 2020, we celebrate on May 2 and Sept. 26.

Did you know the first Astronomy Day in the United State took place in 1973? Doug Berger, then the president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California, wanted to set up telescopes in busy public areas so passersbys could take a quick peek and enjoy a view of the stars.

The activities we’ve created to celebrate this day will channel your child’s natural inquisitive nature about the unknowns of space, while also creating some beautiful projects.

Note: Our featured image on this post – Fly Me to the Moon by artist Diane Wright – was part of our Far Out: Our Solar System exhibition in Winter 2018/19.

Pastel Galaxies

Do images of galaxies far, far away have your kiddos mesmerized? Encourage them to create their own out-of-this-world artwork inspired by images of space. Gather some pastels or chalk and black paper and let them scribble. Find directions for starting your art project here.

Planet Suncatchers

Suncatchers are fun to make with kiddos. This “far out” version uses crayon shavings and a little imagination. Learn to make one by clicking here.

Flashlight Consellations

Create a night sky in your room, and take some time to learn about the stars. Click on this link to light it up!


Gallery Educator Rebecca Cameron compiled these space-themed activities. She specializes in galaxy themed artwork. Find her on Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube as @bexxfineart.