It’s International Children’s Book Day. So why are we suggesting poetry? This special day is tied to Hans Christian Andersen (click link to read short biography), who was not only known as a children’s book and fairytale writer, but also a poet.

So we asked local artist/poet Judy Wood for some more tips to encourage your young poets at home. She also shared with us another original poem to prompt you to write! This one is about a specific moment titled “Pink Lemonade Lip Gloss” and it’s read by her granddaughter Callyn.


Memories and wishes are great subjects for poems!

Now poetry can be scary for some, but just remind your child that poetry can be private or shared. It’s up to them.

Some tips from Judy to get your poem started:

1. Read a poem you both like together. Talk about what you liked – is it how it rhymes? Is it how you felt after reading it? Use that as some inspiration.

2. Brainstorm some topics you like to write about. Maybe it’s a fun memory or an aspiration for the future.

3. Visualize your poem. What are you feeling? What do you see? How do your describe that?

4. Start writing. Remember, it’s your poem.

Judy Wood is a mixed media artist and poet, who enjoys volunteering with the i.d.e.a. Museum in a variety of capacities. This year, Judy is also the featured artist and poet at a local elementary school, working with 760 students.