We’re sharing a popular activity from a past exhibition, Artful Play! Games & Toys. In this exhibition, many types of games and toys were featured among the artworks. Among them: Building a house of cards!

Have you ever built a house of cards?

Cards aren’t just for playing games like Go Fish, Old Maid and War. Cards can also be a fun building material.

Building with cards takes skill, patience and practice. Start by stacking and balancing cards. The pyramid or triangle shape is the simplest.

Another method – used by professionals – is a four-block cell. This allows for more complex designs.

Tips: Find older cards or cards with a textured surface to start your first project. Super smooth surfaces on some playing cards make it difficult for beginners to build their house of cards.

Here’s an example of one design to inspire your creation:

House of Cards

Engage in conversation

What type of building will you create?

How large will your card building be?

How many cards will you use?

More fun!

Draw a picture of our building and give it a name? What might this building be used for?

Challenge your family to create a building using a specific number of cards. Who can create a building with 10 cards? Or with 20? Or 30?

Take a photo of your card houses and share with others via social media. #ideaAtHome