Let’s play with blocks! This activity is not only fun, but it helps your toddlers and preschoolers build skills needed for school. Among the things they learn: 

  • Spatial reasoning
  • Creativity
  • Building 3-D structures

To get started, all you need are some blocks – they can be any type that you have at home.

Nurture your child

Some tips for making the most of your structured play:

  • Look at all 6 sides of the blocks & talk about what you see.
  • Challenge your child to build various structures.
  • Ask your child to talk about what they are creating. Is there a story they would like to share?
  • Create some challenges, such as: Can you use the blocks to make patterns? The tallest tower? The strongest? A fort for their favorite toys?
  • Reminisce with your child about what you enjoyed building as a child.
  • Build outside with large boxes or inside with books.

Note: Block play is on a pause in ArtVille at this time due to pandemic protocols. Image is for illustration only.