Tap into your musical side. All you need are recycled materials from home plus some glue, maybe some rubber bands and imagination.

Start your artful projects by collecting materials from around your house to create an instrument. Some object you could use include: pots, recyclable items, rubber bands, wooden sticks, combs, straws, aluminum cans, rocks, rice, etc. WATCH VIDEO

Challenge your child to think outside of the box for picking materials to make sound.

Simple DIY Shaker

1. Start with any small bottle or container with a lid.

2. Add beads, coins, dry rice, beans, small pasta or pebbles – items you you have at home to create sound..

3. Use paper and tape or glue to cover your bottle or container, then decorate.

DIY Mini Banjo

1. Start by gathering some materials:

  • Some jar lids
  • Rubber bands or ponytail holders
  • Popsicle stick or stick of a similar size
  • Tape to attach the stick to the lid
  • Markers, paint, glue, sequins, or anything else you want to decorate your banjo

2. Take jar lid and wrap rubber bands around the lid for the banjo strings. Decorate your popsicle sticks.

3. Attach popsicle sticks to the back of the jar lid.

4. Add additional decorations as you please to finish up your banjo!

DIY Spin Drum

1. Gather materials:

  • Carboard box
  • Can, cup, or any other circular object to trace circles.
  • Stick or straw for the handle
  • Scissors and tape
  • String and any beads
  • Paper and markers

2. Trace and cut out two cardboard circles.

3. Tape the stick onto one circle.

4. Poke holes on both sides of the circles so they line up, then place the second circle on top and secure with tape.

5. Thread string through both holes and tie a knot closest to the cardboard. Add beads to both strings and tie a knot at the end of each string to secure.

6. Cover with construction paper and decorate with markers.

Now that you are finished with your instruments, make some music.

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