We experience a variety of weather types living in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. During the winter months, it seems to be one day after another of beautiful blue skies with moderate temperatures. Meanwhile, summer days can feel like endless weeks of hot air and extreme heat mixed with wild haboobs and lightning shows.

Across the globe, Mother Nature amazes with grace and force. She can send a gentle breeze across the plains one day, followed by fury in the form of a tornado, hurricane or ice storm. There’s so much variation from region to region and country to country.

Weather or Not: Art with Atmosphere features art and hands-on activities that highlight many of the different types of weather conditions found in the United States. Exhibition paintings, sculptures, ceramics, mixed-media objects, fiber and video depict everything from the wind, clouds, snowflakes, snow fall, rainstorms, tornados, hurricanes and haboobs. A variety of nature’s bounty can be experienced as you view the art and participate in the many activities.

The exhibition will make you think about how to respond to storms, as well enjoy the snow and rain. Experience nature at its best and most fierce! Make sure to dress for the appropriate weather.



Jeffory Morris

Museum Curator