Vacations are a time to get to know each other outside your day-to-day tasks and deadlines of school, work and home life. Which is why family vacations are so important. If you are lucky, as a parent, you’ll take your family on one fun getaway together per year. This means, over the course of a lifetime, maybe you’ll have 15 or so chances to create precious travel memories with your kids.

The Roadside USA exhibition is about families taking a car trip and exploring the United States. It is all about the adventure of traveling together and experiencing new and different cultures in your state, region and throughout the country.

The destination is less important than being and learning together. See art in a museum. Learn how to find your way using a map. Sing along to the radio. Play car games. Stop and have an adventure at a national park. Try new crafts. Keep a travel journal that describes all you have seen and enjoyed.

The important thing is that you are a family on the road together, spending quality time and making memories.

Enjoy your trip through Roadside USA!


Jeffory Morris

Museum Curator

Photo caption

Bonnie and Russell J. Morris Family – Camping, 1970

(Left to Right: Jeff (behind Mom), Mom, brothers Sam and Dan, sister Teresa, and Dad)