Have you ever seen a cactus that looks like a person? Do you ever wonder if the plants come alive at night? What would the cacti do at night?

While the weather is great for searching for saguaros near you (keeping social distancing in mind), you can also get on your computer to search for some great photos of saguaros online!

Image credits: Frankie Lopez (Unsplash)

Parents, take a moment to discuss how saguaros are only found in the Sonoran Desert and the many ways wildlife interacts with saguaros. You can do some research online together!

Once you find your interesting Saguaro for inspiration, then it’s time to start imagining and writing your story!

Begin by examining the Saguaro and its surrounding to inspire your special story. Some questions to think about while examining could be:

  • Which direction do the saguaro arms grow?
  • What is the height of the saguaro?
  • Are there any animals or other plants near the saguaro?

Need some inspiration? Check out a few books on saguaros. One recommenations from Museum Education Assistant Chelsea Ziegenhein is Cactus Hotel. She also shares this photo she took, posted below.

“One reason I love the photo I took is because it’s a nice visual display of interdependency…Saguaros often begin growing underneath a PaloVerde because they provide shelter for the young cactus to grow. Everything in the desert is a part of the ecosystem that all depend on each other. In the picture, it looks like the saguaro – now much taller than the Palo Verde – is protecting the Palo Verde and holding his other arm up to get our attention and remind us of the importance of protecting our ecosystem. You can imagine the animals that live inside and below the cactus.“

Enjoy writing!