Love fairies? We do! Their homes are part of our atrium garden, which is getting an update now.

Did you know art is a great way to reduce stress? Learn more via VeryWell Health.

Julia – one of our museum volunteers – shares a drawing of a fairy to help brighten our day during this unprecented time. 

Getting Started


  • Sketchbook or some paper
  • Colorful drawing instruments, such as marker or colored pencils
  • Imagination 


Open your sketchbook or grab some paper, tap into your imagination and start drawing.

If you are having difficulty getting started, you might think of fairies from animated movies or book illustrations you might have seen. Ask yourself:

  • How does my fairy look? Maybe she or he is a reflection of yourself or a favorite book character.
  • Where does my fairy live – in the forest, by a lake or another place?
  • What kind of wings does my fairy have – colorful, sheer, glittery?
  • What’s my fairy’s personality? Does it reflect on his/her clothes or in the background scene?
  • Does my fairy have a hobby that can be weaved into my drawing? 
  • Does my fairy have a pet or friends?

Remember, you will draw your fairy the way you imagine it. It doesn’t need to be a certain way. If you need a reminder about how it doesn’t need to be perfect, we suggest the book Ish by Peter H. Reynolds. We love that the main character discovers the fun in creating after realizing his art doesn’t need to look exactly like the thing he was trying to draw. Ish is awesome!

Note: Julia first sketches her fairy with a pencil, then outlines with an illustrator pen (both 0.1 and 0.5 point). She adds color using some of Tombow acidfree water-based markers. 

About our volunteer

Julia is a student at Arizona State University studying biology. She draws to relax and think. You might find her at the museum helping at an event, but she’s often behind the scenes helping input data and prepping sample artworks for marketing events.