It’s a new year, and it’s time to create new dreams and goals!

To get into a dream mindset, let’s draw some colorful clouds.

Getting started

You’ll need:

  • Sketchbook or some paper
  • Colorful drawing instruments, such as markers or colored pencils
  • Imagination

Watch video for inspiration…

For inspiration, just look up. Or, try searching online for sky art or flip through some board books. You might also ask yourself:

  • What kinds of clouds will I draw? Fluffy or thin?
  • What colors will I use? Pastels or bright colors?
  • Will my sky have other elements, such as birds, the sun, an airplane, etc.?

Remember, you should draw your clouds the way you imagine it. And don’t worry about it looking “perfect” – focus on having fun.

Beyond drawing…

Try these activities along with drawing:

About our volunteer

Julia is a student at Arizona State University studying biology. She draws to relax and think. You might find her at the museum helping at an event, but she’s often behind the scenes helping input data and prepping sample artworks for marketing events.