We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22. Find several ideas – from our staff and friends at Mesa Recycles – recently posted to help you get crafty and celebate our planet.

Additionally, we compiled a few more ideas featured on our iArt page, which offers a variety of creative experiences from our museum staff that you can do at home while we are temporarily closed.

Plus, be sure to check out 50 Earth Day activities for kids and adults from Mesa’s Green Living team.

1. Embark on a colorful plant scavenger hunt

Find an entire spectrum of colors in the blooming spring desert. Then take a moment to learn more about plants and how they support our ecosystem. Get started here.

2. Write a story

Our planet is just so amazing. The desert offers a wonderful array of vegetation that inspires paintings, photographs, documentaries and books. You can use your imagination, do a little research or both to come up with your own Earth Day-themed story. Find inspiration from this Sonoran Safari writing activity.

3. Make a wildflower wall

This beautiful activity – also featured in our Sonoran Safari exhibition – is a great way to talk about how beautiful nature is and learn a little about wildflowers. Best of all, you can do this craft with recycled materials, such as tissue paper used in gift bags and twist ties in food packaging. Learn how to create your colorful blooms!

4. Create nature prints

Try this painting activity to create an excuse to get a little yard work done (you’ll need to collect some leaves and weeds) and then inspire a discussion about recycling. Find your inspiration here.

5. Design a flower collage – new

This fun activity offers a lesson in environmental resourcefulness, and you and your kids can make a lovely flower artwork without having to create waste. You’ll reuse items you may already have around your home for this project. Begin by gathering some flowers.

Share your creations with us!

Take a moment to share a pic or short video and tag the museum and City of Mesa on social media. Please use @cityofmesa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and @ideaMuseum on Facebook and @ideaMuseumMesa on Twitter and Instagram. We hope to share some of your works of art in the days ahead.