Happy Earth Day! It’s the 50th year of this special day aimed at raising awareness of our environment.

Since we’re talking about Earth Day, let’s try a creative activity to practice being environmentally resourceful.

What do we mean by being environmentally resourceful? It means finding new ways to use old things. How are some ways you are resourceful? What kind of things do you reuse at home?

Practice environmental resourcefulness today by making a lovely flower collage with your family. This activity will allow you to create an artwork without having to create waste because you will reuse items you may already have around your home. That’s good for the environment and your budget.


You’ll need:

  • Old flat sheet (cotton works best)
  • Scissors
  • Tray or basket to collect plant trimmings
  • Smooth rock
  • Twig
  • Optional: Photo frame wire, twine or yarn


1. Gather plant trimmings from around your yard or park near by.

2. Cut the old sheet along the side hem to expose the open hem on top of the flat sheet. Cut a large enough amount, to your preference, to create a banner that will hang on the twig. The sheet will be hung on the twig from the open top hem. Make sure the length of your banner is shorter than the twig.

3. Create a surface to protect your concrete from being stained. This activity is done best outside on the ground. If you don’t have a picnic blanket or tablecloth, old newspaper can work, or you can reuse a paper grocery bag.

4. Lay the banner you cut from the sheet onto your protected surface area. Then, arrange your trimmings on the banner how you would like.

5. Carefully use the rock to pound the trimmings onto the banner to transfer the color. Please be care not to hit your fingers.

6. Once you’ve pounded all of the trimmings, remove them from your sheet to reveal your collage.

7. Place the twig through the open hem of the banner. If you choose to hang your collage you can use photo frame wire, yard or twine to tie onto the twig to hang your artwork.

We hope you enjoyed making your flower collage with found items.

Our staff offers this activity occasionally as a special badge workshop for Daisy Girl Scouts and during school-break camps.