It’s National Pumpkin Day (Oct. 26), so we’re sharing this fun Halloween-inspired drawing tutorial today!

Since we are drawing for kids, our volunteer – Julia – focused on the fun (and cute) side of Halloween – whimsical jack-o-lanterns, adorable black cats, friendly ghosts and happy spiders. Now tap into your imagination to create your own “Happy Halloween” drawing!

Gather your tools!

You’ll need:

  • Sketchbook or some paper
  • Colorful drawing instruments, such as marker or colored pencils
  • Imagination

Note: Julia often first sketches her subject with a pencil, then outlines with an illustrator pen (both 0.1 and 0.5 point). She colors in her drawings with Tombow acidfree water-based markers.


First, gather your materials and find a comfy space to create!

Then, start drawing!

Watch the video:

For inspiration for your playful Halloween-themed drawing, you might want to look at some board books or animated cartoons for fun, happy ideas. You might also ask yourself:

  • Is there a story to my drawing? What is it? The drawing below sought to create a feeling of happiness that is part of Halloween tradition.
  • Will my drawing look realistic or like a cartoon?
  • What kind of personality will I give my pumpkins and other Halloween creatures?
  • Will I include a background highlighting the scene? Is it night or day time?

Remember, just try and have fun!

Tip: If your child gets frustrated because his/her drawing doesn’t look a certain way, have them read the book Ish by Peter H. Reynolds. The main character discovers the fun in creating once he realizes his art doesn’t need to look exactly like the thing he was trying to draw. Ish is awesome!

About our volunteer

Julia is a student at Arizona State University studying biology. She draws to relax and think. You might find her at the museum helping at an event, but she’s often behind the scenes helping input data and prepping sample artworks for marketing events.