Let’s create a dream catcher with some found objects at home.


  • Paper plates
  • String (yarn, fishing line, rope)
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Found objects (beads, sticks, feathers)
  • Paint and markers for decorating

Video instructions:


Step 1:  Cut the center of the paper plate to make a ring.

Step 2:  Use the hole punch to make holes around the ring.

Step 3:  Cut a long piece of string.

Step 4:  Tie the string in a knot around one of the holes you made in the plate.

Step 5:  Weave the string in and out of each hole. Be sure to use the holes opposite each other to make a “spider web.”

Step 6:  Decorate your hoop using paint or markers. Make sure you let it dry!

Step 7:  Add additional holes at the bottom of your dream catcher.

Step 8:  Cut additional string and tie to the base of the plate.

Step 9:  Use your found objects to tread onto the loose string at the bottom of your dream catcher. Be sure to tie a knot after each grouping

Step 10:  Add additional holes at the top of the hoop and attach a string to hang.

Step 11:  Finally, hang the dream catcher by your bed.

The dream catcher will catch all the bad dreams and let the good dreams pass through!