For those of you who ventured to make your own marbled paper, this activity is a quick tutorial on some things you can make with it!

This at-home idea comes from Gallery Educator Rebecca Cameron, one of several talented team members at the i.d.e.a. Museum. Gallery educators help create activities featured in our museum’s exhibitions and school tours. Learn more about Rebecca below.


Supplies you’ll need:

  • Marbled Paper (see previous video here on how to make)
  • Markers (or anything to color with)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Fun shaped hole punchers

Project 1: Make a simple greeting car

  • Cut your marbled paper in half
  • Use your markers to write a message (happy birthday, congratulations, etc.

Project 2: Create some craft paper

  • Have fun and rip your paper into smaller pieces for future crafts and collages
  • You can also use your scissors and hole punchers to create more uniform pieces of craft paperPP

Project 3: Make a masterpiece

  • Use your favorite coloring utensils to make a masterpiece on your super cool marbled paper


Rebecca is a full-time artist and former teacher. At the museum, she helps develop art-making activities and is often leading programs, such as Messy Creations, Girl Scouts, Wonder Camp, and guided tours. “I love that my job allows me the opportunity to teach in an informal setting and really get creative with the activities.”

Find her on Instagram as @bexxfineart.