Got shaving cream and food coloring? Then you can paint another way: By marbling!

This activity comes from our Messy Creations series. Be sure to set down some newspaper or a covering for your table to avoid getting too messy. Smocks or old T-shirts are great for avoiding messes on your child’s clothes.


  • Sheet pan or tray
  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring
  • Utensil to mix the colors
  • Paper
  • Damp paper towel


1. Spray shaving cream on a sheet pan.

2. Drop food coloring onto the shaving cream.

3. Have child mix the colors together with a utensil or their hands. While it gets messy, it’s great for sensory development.

4. Press a blank sheet of paper into the shaving cream and pull the paper up.

5. Use the damp paper towel to remove access shaving cream and reveal marbled painting.

*Tip- These make great greeting cards!

Need some visual instructions? Watch a video to see how to make marble paper posted earlier.