Do your kids want to paint, but you don’t have a canvas?  No problem. Try painting on paper plates!

Getting started


  • Paper plates
  • Paint (preferably washable)
  • Paintbrushes or sponges
  • Paper towels
  • Cup with water (for cleaning brushes)
  • Newspaper or table cover (for easy cleaning)
  • Imagination

Watch the video or follow steps below:


Tip: If worried about messes, use a table cover before getting started.

Step 1 – First, squeeze out some paint on a plate. Think about the colors you want to use.

Step 2 – Next, take another plate and just imagine what you might paint.

Step 3 – Start dabbling with colors and create.

Tip: Use water and paper towels to clean brushes between colors. But sometimes mixing colors looks nice, too!

Step 4 – Keep adding colors until you feel your artwork is done.

Tip: If you don’t like how something is coming together, just use more paint to change your work.

Step 5 – Then add a “frame” for your art.

Step 6 – Continue to add more color if you like.

Step 7 – Finally, let dry.

Enjoy and repeat!