Let’s make some rock art!

You can try animating some characters or creating your own pet rock!

Did you know in the summer of 2012, we had an exhibition that took an artistic look at the relationship people have with pets and how much they affect the lives of many around the world. It was called Extreme Pets!

Let’s create!

Materials needed:

  • Rocks
  • Paint and brushes
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Fabric (optional)
  • Colorful paper (optional)

Watch the video:

Directions for a “character” rock:

Step 1: Select a rock you want to animate.

Step 2: Give it a face.

Step 3: Decorate to bring your rock to life.

Design a pet:

Step 1: Think of an insect or animal you’d like to have.

Step 2: Select a rock.

Step 3: Paint your rock.

Step 4: Add unique characteristics of your animal, things such as wings, ears or legs.

Step 5: Give your new pet a home. Any box will do.

Enjoy your characters and pet rocks!