Let’s get creative and moving at the same time. Try ping-pong art!

Getting Started

Materials Needed:  

  • Balls of various sizes and textures 
  • Paint 
  • Container for pouring 
  • Paper 
  • Cardboard box 


Tips: A variety of balls works best for this. Try a golf ball, marble, ping pong ball, or anything else you may have.  


Step 1:  Find a space where you can use paint and get moving!  Outside works great.  

Step 2: Place a paper inside your cardboard box. 

Step 3:  Select which paint you want to use.  

Step 4:  Pour the paint onto your container.  

Step 5: Dip your ball into the paint. 

Step 6: Don’t worry, your fingers will get messy. Make sure to wear clothes that can get dirty! 

Step 7:  Place your ball in the box. 

Step 8:  Move the ball side to side and watch it paint the paper.  

Step 9:  Repeat the process with a new ball and paint color.  

Step 10:  You can add more than one ball at a time.  

Step 11:  Get moving! 

Step 12:  Observe how the different balls “paint.”  

  • Which one made the most marks? 
  • Which one made the least? 

Step 13:  Remove your painting and let dry.  

Step 14:  Add your masterpiece to your art wall! 


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