We’re sharing a fun video inspired by today – National Puppy Day! It’s just another way to keep your child’s brain engaged doing something creative. WATCH VIDEO HERE

This at-home idea comes from i.d.e.a. Museum Education Assistant Chelsea Ziegenhein, who is passionate about making learning fun! The video features her kids taking on the Puppy Cupcake Challenge!

“As a mother with elementary school aged children, I can personally relate to the new challenges we’re facing to keep our children learning during this time they’re at home,” says Chelsea.

Her advice as a museum educator: “Look at simple daily tasks as teachable moments and have fun with it! There are valuable skills we can teach our children that don’t have to come from a formal lesson.”

She continues: “My kids really love the show Nailed It! so I pulled out our baking supplies and created our own challenge. From this challenge we not only had fun but also learned to measure ingredients, follow instructions, learn kitchen safety, verbalize actions, teamwork, creative problem solving and patience.”

Sources of inspiration for her at-home challenge:

Recipe for vanilla cupcakes from Food Network.(but you can choose your favorite cupcake recipe)

Cupcake decorating ideas via recipe post on Lulus website (or choose your own puppy pics).

If you don’t have all the decorating ingredients (Chelsea purchased fondant), try using your creativity with colored frosting. Have fun!