Rising Youth Theatre, in partnership with the i.d.e.a. Museum and Benedictine University in Mesa, is providing a few activities this summer to promote storytelling. Special thanks to the Arizona Commission on the Arts – which receives funding from the state of Arizona and National Endowment for the Arts – for making these activities possible.

This one-minute story activity requires your imagination, some paper to write your story and a few things around your house to create the puppets that go with your story.

Materials needed:

  • Paper (or story template – download here)
  • Pen or pencil for writing your story
  • Variety of materials found at home to make your puppets (this can be recycled materials, yarn, paper plates, popcicle sticks, markets – use your imagination!)

Getting started:

1. Gather your paper or print out template, and take a moment to imagine your character.

2. Start with filling in these blanks about your main character:

Once upon a time, there was a _______ named _______.

3. Continue thinking about the character. What do you think this character likes to do? Then fill out this line:

Every day ____________(fill in what the character does)__________.

4. Then you’ll add a change or conflict. Think of something that may be a challenge to your character.

Until one day ________________________.

5. Think about what happens to the character because of the change, and fill out the next part:

Because of that ________________________.

6. And then build on that. Think about what happened as a result of the last part of the story.

And because of that_______________________.

7. Finally, write your ending. Think about the resolution of the change or conflict.

Until finally, ___________. 

Puppet performance

When your story is complete, take a moment to create your puppets. Think about the main character and some of the supporting characters in the story. Also, consider the setting for your story.

Then share your story!

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/0EpI-WaUQHQ

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