On this World Storytelling Day, we are sharing a classic story – a folktale told over time – The Little Red Hen. Take time to read it together.

The Little Red Hen is in the public domain and considered a folktale, shared in an oral storytelling tradition over time. It also has a lesson. That provides some great conversation starters after you finish listening to the story.

Some questions to ask after reading the book together:
  • What do you think was the lesson of the story?
  • Why do you think Little Red Hen asked the other animals for help?
  •  Why do you think the animals answered the way they did?
  • What do you think you would do if you were asked to help?
  • Have you heard different versions of this story? Tell me what you think of those versions and if you have a favorite.

After you finish story time, take time to encourage imaginative play based on the story or art-making just like our Gallery Educators do when they present a story in ArtVille.