Celebrate the change in seasons with a watercolor or drawing.

We love watercolors, so we will continue to experiment with these fun paints. You can also just draw with colored pencils, crayons, or markers. Just tap into your imagination.

Getting started

You’ll need:

  • Watercolor paper, a canvas or thick paper (like a paper plate)
  • Watercolor paints
  • Paint brushes
  • A cup of water
  • Paper towels (for dabbing your brushes and clean up)
  • Imagination
  • Optional: Table covering or smock to protect table and clothes

Watch a video for inspiration…

If you have trouble getting inspired, just look outside. Or you can search online for artworks or images of the different seasons here locally or in other parts of the world. You might also ask yourself:

  • What season or seasons will I draw?
  • Will the setting be a place I know, something imagined or something I’ve researched?
  • Is there a story to it? For example, does it reflect a memory? A nature scene? Or a place I would like to visit?
  • Where will my scene be? At the beach? In the mountains? Or maybe it’s something entirely made up!
  • What colors will I use to reflect the seasons I draw?
  • What will be in my scene? Trees, flowers, animals, people, etc.?

Remember, focus on the process and having fun!

More ideas…

Finally, you might enjoy these activities featuring the seasons and colors, too:

About our volunteer

Julia is a student at Arizona State University studying biology. She draws and paints to relax and think. You might find her at the museum helping at an event, but she’s often behind the scenes helping input data and prepping sample artworks for marketing events.