Flowers bring out smiles. So let’s create a bouquet for your mom this Mother’s Day.

You can also save this creative project for another special occasion.

Getting started


  • Coffee filter
  • Pipe cleaner / chenille stick
  • Beads
  • Tape
  • Markers, paints, crayons or stickers
  • Imagination

Watch our video:


Step 1: Lay your coffee filter flat on your surface.

Step 2: Decorate the coffee filter using markers, paints, crayons or stickers.

Be sure to decorate both sides.

Step 3: Have an adult help you poke a hole in the middle of the coffee filter.

Step 4:  Put your pipe cleaner through the hole.

Step 5: Add beads to one side of the coffee filter.

Step 6: Push the end of the pipe cleaner with beads back through the hole.

Step 7:  Twist the pipe cleaner together.

One side of the pipe cleaner should have a loop with beads, the other will be straight.

Step 8:  Use tape to create a flower bud.  Or leave it open for a full bloom.

Finally, give the flowers to someone special to you, such as your mom, a caregiver, grandmother or teacher.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Need more ideas?

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